3 Different Ways To Weld Stainless Steel

If you have some custom stainless steel that you need to have fabricated into a shape or structure, you need to know what type of welding you want used for that custom metal fabrication process. When it comes to working with stainless steel, there are three different welding methods that are most commonly used.

Method #1: MIG Weld

A MIG weld is often also called a gas metal AC weld; both names are referring to the same process. MIG welding is a popular welding technique for stainless steel because the welds can create a strong bond between multiple pieces of stainless steel. MIG welds are also popular because they use a pulsed current supply, which is necessary for reaching all the spots on a complex stainless-steel fabrication job. The pulsed current supply is steady and provides a stable arch, which is necessary when making a complex weld in an area that may otherwise be tough to reach.

MIG welds are great for more complex stainless-steel fabrication jobs where really sturdy and specialized welds are needed for the project.

Method #2: TIG Weld

A TIG weld is often also referred to as a gas tungsten arc weld. TIG welds are one of the most commonly used welds for custom stainless-steel fabrication jobs. The TIG welding method is popular because the welding gun produces really low heat.

Another reason why TIG is such a popular welding method for custom fabrication jobs is that the argon gas that is used for the weld can also be mixed with other gases for special projects. Other gases, such as nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen, can be added to the gas mix for the weld, allowing for special welding properties. For example, adding the right gases can help prevent oxidation with a certain material or make the weld more resistant to corrosion.

Method #3: Resistance Welding

Finally, there is resistance welding, which is often called spot welding. Resistance welding is popular because it is a type of welding that can just as easily be applied on small projects as it can be on large projects. Resistance welding, or RW, is most commonly used when you need to create a simple weld, such as just welding the sides of two objects together.

When you order a custom fabrication project using stainless steel, talk to the custom metal fabrication company and find out what welding method they will be using for your project.

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