3 Tips For Keeping Your Industrial Steam Generator Properly Maintained

Steam generators operate by heating water to a high temperature in order to produce steam. There are many uses for steam generators in industrial settings, and steam generators can range in size from relatively small to very large. Like any other piece of equipment used in an industrial setting, such as a factory or manufacturing plant, steam generators are not inexpensive, so most companies want to ensure that they last for as long as possible. This is especially true for facilities that utilize multiple steam generators. If you want to extend the life span of your facility's steam generators, proper maintenance is the key. Use the following tips to care for and maintain the steam generators in your facility so they last as long as possible:

Consider Investing in an Autoflush System

When a steam generator is in operation, its tank is continually filled with water and steam is produced after the generator reaches the right temperature. However, when the generator is not in use, minerals found in the water can begin to build up in the water line, generator tank, and other components found within the generator. Over time, a buildup of minerals can impede the steam generator from working as it should and may lead to operational issues. One way to avoid these issues is by installing an autoflush system that is connected to the steam generator. An autoflush system will flush out the generator and remove minerals each time the steam generator is shut down.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

If your facility uses one or more large steam generators, it is in your best interest to schedule manual cleanings every couple of years. The manufacturer of your steam generator can typically provide you with information about companies in your area that offer this service. Manual steam generator cleanings will remove scale and mineral buildup inside the generator while also ensuring that each component is in good repair and working properly.

Invest in a Water Softening System

If your facility is located in an area that is known for having hard water, a water softening system can be a great investment. When your facility has a water softening system, the steam generators will use water that does not have a lot of minerals. In many cases, using soft water for a steam generator can make it last a lot longer than a generator continually exposed to hard water with a high mineral content. 

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