Common Mistakes That You Might Be Making When Using Metalworking Fluids For Machining

If you work in a machine shop, or if you otherwise work with metalworking equipment, then it's important for you to learn about the benefits of using metalworking fluids. In fact, you might already use these fluids when working with machinery, but there is a chance that you are making a few common mistakes when doing so. If you want to make the most out of using these fluids, avoid making these common mistakes.

Using the Same Lubricant for Every Job

First of all, be aware that you shouldn't necessarily use the same lubricant for each job. Instead, you should learn about the different types of metalworking fluids — such as oils, pastes and aerosols — and about what each fluid should be used for. Then, you can ensure that you are using the right product for each job.

Using Too Much Lubricant

Another common mistake that many people make is using too much metalworking fluid at one time. If you are using a good-quality fluid that is the right fluid for the job, then you should only have to use a little bit in most cases. Otherwise, you'll just end up wasting product and making a big mess.

Not Using Enough Lubricant

At the same time, you should also make sure that you use enough lubricant for each job. You don't typically have to use a lot of lubricant at one time; however, you might not be using it frequently enough. If you are going to be working with the same machine for several hours, then you will probably need to add a little more lubricant multiple times, depending on what type of machinery you are using and what type of job you are doing.

Paying Too Much for Lubricant

Just because it is something handy to have on hand does not mean that lubricant is something you should pay a lot for. Look for an affordable supplier, and consider buying your metalworking fluids in bulk to score lower pricing.

Storing Lubricant Improperly

Check the label on your metalworking fluids to determine how they should be stored. Typically, you should keep these lubricants in a cool, dark place. Also, it is typically recommended to store them in their original container.

Don't make the common mistakes above when using metalworking fluids. Otherwise, you will not be making the most out of these fluids, and you could experience various problems during the metalworking process. If you ensure that you use metalworking fluids the right way, you can truly enjoy the benefits of these handy lubricants.

To learn more about CNC lubricants, contact a supplier in your area.

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