Four Reasons To Consider Using HDPE Material For Designing Playground Equipment

If you're an engineer that has been given the task of designing or heading a design team to create playground equipment for a recreational area for kids, then you need to consider using high-density polyethylene. This material has become popular with children's outdoor and indoor playground equipment and can be seen in ever-growing applications, including such places as fast-food restaurants. The following are a few reasons to consider using this material in your designs.

You can easily create your prototype with HDPE sheets

Much of this material can be ordered in sheets of various sizes that are off the shelf. These sheets can be further cut and formed into pieces to create the exact shape desired, then assembled. This may be all you need, but if you are looking to make several playground areas, the specifications can be used to mold the pieces into a prefabricated kit that can be assembled on site. These sheets or custom molds are available in a variety of colors to enhance the aesthetics of the playground equipment. And because this material is lightweight, you can assemble a prototype easily.

HDPE doesn't require a lot of upkeep

Regardless of whether it will be used indoors or outdoors, this material requires very little maintenance. Of course, with indoor use, there is still the issue of cleaning, but this is easily accomplished with soap and water. There is no painting needed, nor do you need to provide any coating to protect it from the elements when used outdoors.

HDPE has a long life span

This material will last longer than traditional materials for playground equipment, including those made from wood, metal, or other types of plastics. The latter material will have a tendency to crack and break, and wood and metal need to be treated to protect the surfaces from the weather. HDPE is very weather resistant, and this makes it especially attractive for outdoor use. There is no harm done to the material due to the sun's UV rays, and rain will not degrade the material.

It is environmentally friendly

HDPE is a recyclable thermoplastic. As such, it can be melted down, but unlike other thermoplastics, it can be used again. This particular plastic is the wave of the future. It is not a plastic that can end up in a landfill because there is no alternative use. Although HDPE is not biodegradable, it can be processed and used again after it has served its usefulness. It is simply sent to a recycling plant that accepts HDPE material.

HDPE is a safe, long-lasting thermoplastic material that requires little maintenance. This makes it an ideal material for your playground equipment design. It is available in sheets for prototyping or custom designs in many colors. And HDPE is recyclable, so it is an eco-friendly material.

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