Keys To Working With Heat Shrink Tubing

One of the more special types of tubing that can be used with electronics and other components that need to be bundled is heat shrink tubing. It will shrink when heat is applied to it. If you plan on using this tubing with materials, here are some key tips to remember before you get started.

Review the Nature of Shrinking

When you apply heat to heat shrink tubing, it will naturally get smaller. By how much is dependent on the specific type of tubing you get. You want to know this figure in order to get the right quantity of heat shrink tubing.

Every tube product will have a shrinking ratio. You need to find out what this is and make sense of this data so that you can order enough heat shrink tubing for your project. Then you won't run out or have long wait periods to receive tubing materials.

Take Into Account the Material's Properties

You probably have a specific use for heat shrink tubing, whether it's to go around wires or some other type of electrical component. If you really assess the material's properties that this tubing is being used with, you're more than likely going to get the right type.

That's important to be able to work correctly with heat shrink tubing and be able to manipulate it perfectly around your materials. You have to know exactly what materials you're dealing with before making a suitable heat shrink tubing selection.

Determine If Chemical Protection Is Needed or Not

They make heat shrink tubing that can withstand chemical damage, but you need to actively pursue this type of tubing in order to have it hold up under these special conditions. Think about how you're using this tubing and whether or not chemicals will be a potential problem you need to plan ahead for.

If they are, then make sure chemical-resistance is a property included in the heat shrink tubing you get. Otherwise, you can just get normal tubing that may not be as expensive since it didn't have to receive special materials or coatings for chemical resistance.

Heat shrink tubing has allowed a lot of professionals to do some amazing things with materials, including electrical wires that are damaged. If you study this tubing and know what properties are going to give you the best application and post-application results, then you won't struggle at all working with it in different ways. Reach out to a supplier like Tef-Cap Industries for more information. 

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