Ornamental Iron — Fabrication Tips For Custom Stair Railings

Ornamental iron works great for stair railings because it's durable and has endless style options. If you plan to fabricate this material to create custom railings, then here are some tips to focus on in particular.

Create Detailed Drawings 

In order to maintain organization throughout fabrication for ornamental iron stair railings, it helps to put together some detailed drawings first. This isn't hard to do and it ultimately gives you a visual guide to look back on any time you need some direction.

You can make these drawings show important things too, such as how big the railings will be, their visual properties, and how pieces will be put together. You just need to take your time making these drawings as detailed as possible, so when you go to look back on them, you can see clearly what direction you need to go in throughout fabrication. 

Find High-Quality Ornamental Iron From a Supplier 

Before you start fabricating ornamental iron to make custom stair railings, you first need to source this material. Ideally, you need to find a high-quality variety that takes well to the specific fabrications you have in mind.

You just need to see which suppliers have plenty of ornamental iron in stock and then gauge their properties. You may even want to order samples and test them with practice fabrications. Then you can quickly see which supplier and ornamental variety will work best for this custom fabrication project. You can then order more with confidence.

Take Your Time When Welding Sections Together 

Probably one of the most important fabrications you'll complete when putting together stair railings made out of ornamental iron is welding. This lets you combine ornamental iron pieces together after all.

You just need to remember to take your time with each weld. Make sure you have your welding gun at the appropriate temperature and then plan out your weld spots before you begin. Then you can remain precise and achieve long-lasting welds for sections of ornamental iron that need to be combined together to make complete stair railings. Being careful with welding these sections together also will keep you safe.

Ornamental iron has a lot of great applications, but it's extremely valuable when used for custom stair railings. If you plan to complete this type of project for your property, take your time refining the different fabrications that will be involved. Then you can avoid injury and material damage. 

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